Nomad Organic Blend (250gr)


Nomad is a 2 origin Colombia and Guatemala Blend. An easy drinking medium bodied and balanced coffee.

Weight: 250 gr

Roast type: Medium roast

Country: Colombia Excelso, Guatemala Huehuetenango

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Nomad is an exceptional blend which was created by the combination of two high grade coffees from Colombia and Guatemala. A certified Organic coffee blend with mild acidity, citrus notes and milk chocolate aftertaste. Perfect for every time of day, excellent choice for milk beverages, suitable for espresso or using any other filter methods.


Weight: 250 gr

Origin: Colombia Excelso, Guatemala Huehuetenango

Roast Profile: Medium roast

Process: Fully washed

Certification: Organic


Cupping notes:

Light floral aroma, sweet citrus undertones and milk chocolate finish. A well-balanced blend with medium to full body and mild acidity .