Pink Elephant (250gr)


Symbolizing the majesty of this beautiful country, our auspicious elephant is the guardian deity to the wonderful coffee culture emerging from the Chang Mai province of Thailand.
This is something special!

Weight: 250 gr

Roast type: Medium roast

Country: Doi Saket, Thailand

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Pink Elephant is traveling from the Southeast Asia, specifically from the Chiang Mai of Thailand region to meet our cup. It is a superb coffee that is perfect as a rich flavored and texture espresso as a combination with milk for delicious milky beverages.


Weight: 250 gr

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.k

Quality & Process: Natural process

Variety: Yellow bourbon

Cupping Score: 87 pts 

Harvest: 2019

Roast Profile: Medium roast


Cupping notes:

Light peach and white grape aroma ripened pink grapefruit sweetness, chai spiced undertone. Medium body, light cinnamon and dark chocolate aftertaste.