The Jones (250gr)


The Jones is a wonderful 4 origin blend central and south American coffees with the spicy addition from Indonesia.

Weight: 250 gr

Roast type: Medium roast

Country: Colombia Excelso, Guatemala Huehuetenango

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Jones is a seasonal blend which is available for limited time. Once a year we change the origins and the flavor profile, this give us the advantage to have every year the best available fresh beans to use. This year Jones blend combines coffee beans from Central & South America with spicy notes from Asia.


Weight: 250 gr

Origin: Nicaragua, Brazil, Indonesia and Peru

Roast Profile: Medium – Dark roast


Cupping notes:

This unique blend delivers a sweet hint of caramel with dark chocolate overtones and low acidity. A strong and spicy coffee flavored coffee, with a very long aftertaste and a lovely creamy mouthfeel.