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    Our team of experts our proudly called as the “Business Coffee Consulting team”. We're happy to help plan a cafe build-out, develop exclusive & custom offerings, or just help dial in a recipe. We'll tailor our services to your needs. We've got all your professional equipment needs covered and offer high standard training to your staff, determined so your clients have the of best of experience. Taking the decision to professionally work on this industry, you will need a strong and promising cooperation with a company that already has the knowledge and the experience on the field in order support you properly. Your success is a Win- to-Win case!
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    HORECA become one of the most largely expanded industry all over the world. The level of expertise upgrades rapidly and consumers become more acquisitive. If you are already a professional at the HORECA business then our products guarantee your further growth and progression. We keep you ahead by offering you, new sales techniques, unique and attractive recipes, best quality in coffee blends, appliances and technical support. In addition, through our Barista Training Center, your team will receive an in-depth education about coffee origins and coffee brewing techniques.
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    Coffee Gallery does not refer only to HORECA professionals but also to companies and organizations. Coffee Gallery can facilitate the set up of an in-house coffee station and provide you with all necessary equipment and blends not only for pampering your co-workers and clients but you can consider it also as another source of income to your company. No more online coffee deliveries and delayed orderings! You can have a coffee house within your premises and our experts will be at your side all along.